How To Get Photography Apprenticeships

InternshipOne of the most significant keys to a profitable profession in photography is to get an internship with the correct photographer. This will give you a chance to acquire knowledge in this profession from a professional expert. This can be done without the problems of really operating a business.

First, study your field of photography. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, then you want to get the type of photographer that deals with weddings.To see examples, visit this wedding photographer Swindon website. Begin with a local photographer. Then you can advance to international and national levels. Staying local involves less substantial changes such as moving. After you have your photographers listed, look through their work. The reason you do this is to see if their work is at the level you hope to raise yours to. Once you have the list of photographers you want to notify, do a little more research. There are plenty of stories out there about photography internships. Some photographers have a reputation of treating their interns badly. Try to make sure you know who these individuals are. Try to get in touch with their current or former interns to ask them a few questions.

You are now ready to make the first contact after you are done with your research. Do not call your contact. Emailing them is a better option. Try to keep it short because expert photographers have very busy schedules. Consider the individual’s personality as well. It is significant because there is teamwork involved. Try to blend in with the group. Try to make yourself stand out from everyone else because photographers get plenty of inquiries.

If you don’t hear back right away, it is because many times email gets stacked up or sometimes get lost in the mix. Let a couple weeks go by before you send another inquiry. Try to be persistent because it shows that you are determined and that you have the passion and the drive to achieve success.

Where To Find Photography Apprenticeships

So you finish education, you know you want to do photography and the further education route is not quite right for you, you want an apprenticeship.

The benefit of an apprenticeship gives you the hands on approach of learning whilst you’re earning. You earn a wage that is guaranteed to meet national minimum wage and do the Job you are training for. The hours you put in can seem high and the responsibility of it being a proper Job can take its toll on some but if classroom learning is not for you wont go far wrong and the experience you gain cannot be taught in any classroom.

So How Do You Find An Apprenticeship?

PhotographersWith today’s technology there is no shortage of sources that advertise apprenticeships, one I would recommend is this is great source for locating apprenticeships all over the UK.

For more local advertisers try and narrow the search down to include the area you want.

The other route to take is of course to speak to local collages they are bound to have information on companies offering apprenticeships in all areas and should be able to point you in the right direction. If these avenues fail I would suggest you contact Photographers and put the idea of an apprentice to them.
There is lots of information online regarding the bonus of using an apprentice and the ways in which government funding is available so the employer does not lose out financially.

The best way to succeed and find a suitable apprenticeship is perseverance remember you have to use your charm and personality to show you are dedicated and the right person for the employer to pass on their knowledge to.

Where Are Photography Apprenticeships Advertised

Family PhotoshootPhotography is more than just point the camera and push the button. First, one must arrange the people or things that are to be photographed in such a way as to present them in the best possible effect.

A photography apprenticeship can teach you which lens to use for the best effects. As an apprentice, you may be the person taking the lens out of the case and giving them to the person holding the camera. An apprenticeship would instruct you on how to edit, create and develop negatives or today you most likely learn to enhance digital images.

What Can One Expect During An Apprenticeship In Photography?

As an apprentice, they generally spend a great deal of time running back and forth carrying items for a professional photographer. You need to pay attention and observe while working, get experience by watching and doing. One can learn a lot from the professional, whether it’s a photo librarian or a police photographer taking photos at a crime scene, it all adds up to experience.

One will also spend time in a classroom, working towards certifications and to qualify for national certificates, like City & Guilds or maybe National Geographic (somebody has to take their photos!).

Pay & Prospects

The minimum UK wage for apprenticeships is supposed to be £2.65 an hour. However it seems that the average is closer to £170 a week. You may be able to get a higher wage if you work for a bigger company, but you can often get a great deal more hands on experience from a small company, although less pay. Also, when you get done with training, there may be an opening, and if they already know you from the training, you have a better chance of being filled for the position.

To find out more about apprenticeships for photography, you should check the website of the British Institute of Professional Photography.

What Do Photography Jobs Pay?

Careers In PhotographyPhotography is a great hobby; it is an even better profession. It generally doesn’t require much in the way of hard labor, and although the pay is across the board, a good photographer can usually make a decent living. Of course like any artistic job, there are starving artists. Most photography jobs though do pay fairly well.

A lot depends upon what your speciality is. Yes, photography has its specialities too. Just like other professions, such as mechanics, some are specialists in engines, some in transmissions, or doctors who specialize in a particular field like oncology, or psychiatry. Photographers may specialize in something such as forensic photography, or architectural photography, just to name a couple of fields.

When most people think about photography, they think about a portrait or wedding photographer. These are more commonly known specialities. All can pay reasonably well. Although the recent developments in digital imaging, and the availability of high quality cell phone cameras have definitely made a dent in those specialities. By the same token, satellite imaging has taken a lot of business from aerial photography too.

All that really means is that the fields are changing. So the photographer must adapt to these changes. Film is still being used, and many newer photographers have never worked with film. Which is a medium all itself. Of course some of the old standards such as wedding photography will likely be around as long as there are weddings. Wedding photography is a speciality that seems to always be in high demand. People always want good memories captured of that special day. Wedding photographers quite often earn good incomes. Not every one can take those special romantic and inspiring shots. So a wedding photographer is usually paid well.

Photojournalism is another field that pays well and there is always a chance to earn a pulitzer prize in photography. Fashion and advertising are very lucrative fields. As are medical and industrial photography. Actually the quality of your work is much more important than the field you’re in. Photography is an art, but it requires training, knowledge, and talent. Just as any job, the better your work, the more you earn.

So the bottom line is you can earn little, or you can earn a lot. It is not unusual for a photographer to earn in excess of £75,000 per year, although the average is usually between £20,000 and £50,000 per year. Not a bad income for slinging a camera.

Can You Get A Photography Apprenticeship?

Since the invention of cameras, photography has become an important part of our life. During the past two decades, photography has taken some dramatic changes from digital cameras to HD and 3D cameras. It has become so widely popular that it has now become a profession in first world countries all around the world. People now hire professional photographers to take photos on different occasions.

Photography StudentMany companies nowadays are employing workers who are related to the field of photography. Whether it is taking photos in the field or working as a photo editor. People who are new to this field always tend to find some experience before they enter into photography professionally. The good news for them is that apprenticeship for photography is always available. Many people might find it very difficult to find such and apprenticeship, but the opportunity is always there. You just have to grab it via certain source. The basic sources required to get an apprenticeship is the thorough study of newspapers, Internet and magazines.

Most of the companies do not advertise their apprenticeships in newspapers and magazines. Therefore, it is a good idea to search for some on photography websites. If this does not work, keep in mind that the photography world is all dependent upon connections with people. This could be your best opportunity if you know someone who could recommend you to an apprenticeship.

Another technique to get an apprenticeship for photography is by trying to make your work better than others. You should keep in mind while applying for such a job that this is a competitive world and you always have to do something extraordinary to keep up to the mark. For this you have to work hard and create opportunities for yourself by great devotion to your work.

You should keep in mind that getting such a job is normally harder to get than other jobs and the income you get in an apprenticeship is normally lower than all other photography jobs.